Create Photo Slideshow

Create impressive photo slideshows for CD ROM, DVD ROM, USB Stick


Versions Information

Version 3.40

Adaptions for Windows7

New features in Version 3.30.00

  • PicturePlayer supports the Multi-Monitor-Mode (Dual-Monitor-Mode).

New features in Version 3.25.00

  • The limitation for specific AVI-CODECs is abrogated.

New features in Version 3.24.00

  • UpdateManager implemented
  • All the Exe files, as well as the setup files belonging to the CDMenu software have a digital signature.
  • From this version onwards all Exe files have their own embedded Manifest for regulating the access rights on Windows Vista (UAC - User Account Control)
  • Improvements and adjustments for Windows Vista

New features in Version 3.23.00

  • Adjustments for Windows Vista
  • Context menu for explorer view in German language fixed to English language.

New features in Version 3.20.01

Code Signing

  • All the Exe and Dll files, as well as the setup files belonging to the PicturePlayer software have a digital signature. This applies to versions 3.20.01 and above.
  • From this version onwards all Exe files have their own embedded Manifest for regulating the access rights on Windows Vista (UAC - User Account Control)

New features in Version 3.12

  • Background sound problem solved; the sound file will be saved without path details if it is located in the show folder.

  • AVI Player: a single AVI video can be started using a command line:
    /show "[path\]file.avi"

New features in Version 3.10

  • Font file can be saved in the show folder
    PicturePlayer version 3.1 and above enables you to choose the font of the image text. Alternatively, a font file can be saved in the show folder. When a show is started from a CD, Picture Player checks to see whether the font chosen is available on the target system. If the font is not available, PicturePlayer will register the font temporarily onto the operating system and use it for the show.

New features in Version 3.00

  • New graphic formats added
    New: .PSD .PCX .PCD .PNG .TGA .TIF
    This means that PicturePlayer can use the following file formats:

  • Printer functionality
    Using PicturePlayer's pop-up menu it is possible to print out individual pictures or the entire show - with text as an option.

  • New Player interfaces
    You can now choose from another four new modern Player designs. For each design you can also choose from 3 layouts for displaying the image texts.
    All player designs and player layouts are displayed in the Screensot Gallery. »Screenshot Gallery

  • Player background
    You are free to choose your own background colour for the canvas.

  • Sorting images
    In response to user requests, we have now made it possible to pre-sort images according to file name or date of creation.

  • Skin Compiler
    The Skin Complier has been designed to let you create your own Player layouts featuring your own corporate identity

New features in Version 2.00

  • ShowCreator has been completely reworked with the following main features:
    • Managing and organizing image files
    • Creating slide shows for PC / CD / DVD (for Windows)
    • Creating slide shows in html (for the internet and intranet)
    • Password-protect image files
  • Improved image browser
  • Creating slide shows made even easier
  • Setting the image sequence made even easier
  • Customize PicturePlayer's loading splash screen

New features in Version 1.81

  • Setup Program
    The 4.1 version uses the latest installation technology by InstallShield and the MS Windows Installer.

New features in Version 1.80

  • New image fade-over effects added.

New features in Version 1.70

  • Optional image fade-over effects can be applied.
  • The infotext passage can now be displayed in a tooltip window additionally.
  • A pause symbol is now displayed in the bottom right-hand corner when the show has been stopped (pause).

New features in Version 1.60

  • Optional: Display a show title in the info bar
  • Optional: The timer control function can be paused while an infotext window is displayed
  • The settings for the infotext window are now contained in the configuration dialog window
  • The infotext window can be preset to a width of up to 1600 pixels.
  • New options: The timer can be paused while the infotext passage is displayed.
  • The following settings can be made from PicturePlayer's pop-up menu:
    • Advance by hand
    • Advance using timer
    • Timer time
    • Pause timer for infotext window
    • Endless loop.
  • Your own help file can be integrated into the PicturePlayer and accessed from the pop-up menu. To do this, create a file named "Picplay.htm", "Picplay.txt" or "Picplay.chm" and copy it into the same folder as the PicturePlayer. You can also use the file Picplay.chm from your PicturePlayer program folder
  • A loading display is displayed during initialization.
  • Windows Explorer can be started from Showcreator.
  • Button to switch speaker on/off

New features in Version 1.50

  • Sub-folders can now also be included when creating a slide show.
  • The PicturePlayer's window can be dragged by clicking in the upper edge of the window.
  • An info-text passage can be allocated to every image.
  • Additional window for displaying the info text.
  • The image file name is displayed as standard and can only be activated/deactivated using the pop-up menu.
  • New dialog window for Show configuration procedure
  • Image sequence: Images can be re-reorganized, deleted or added
  • Image information: An info-text passage can be allocated to every image
  • Image sound: A sound file can be allocated to every image

New features in Version 1.41

  • Additional buttons for avi player:
    Play, Stop, Rewind, Close.
  • Volum control is also available for avi player

New features in Version 1.4

  • Additional mp2 and mp3 sound formats.
  • Four background designs for the Player window.
  • Volume control bar in the Player window.
  • Only available with the Business License:
    • Copyright information can be displayed in every image.
    • Images can be scrambled and saved for protection.
    • Images can be scrambled and saved with a password for protection.

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