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TV photo slideshow - presenting images on a television set

Digital photography is increasingly superseding chemical film. Instead of pictures being put in an album, they are now copied onto a CD or DVD for viewing on a computer screen.

New HDTV televisions have PC connections and high resolution, are fantastically sharp with great colour saturation and are opening up a whole new world when it comes to presenting slide shows on 50-inch flat-screen TVs. Slide screens are a thing of the past. Now it's all about cinemascope flat-screen TVs that can display colours in a far more exciting way than was ever possible on a projection screen. While the old slide magazines used to take up space in entire cupboards, the equivalent of up to 5,000 slides can now be conveniently saved on a CD or DVD.

Combining "PC" - "Full HD TV" with the PicturePlayer Software makes perfect, sound-supported TV photo shows possible. Pictures can also be furnished with text comments. The PicturePlayer software's functions for adjusting the TV display range make for a perfect photo slideshow. Present your digital camera's photos in the right style; it will amaze you as well as your spectators.

Photo show on a conventional CRT (picture tube) television set
Conventional television sets have a low picture resolution. Pictures are fuzzy, grainy and lifeless; steps appear in slanted lines and picture transitions. The result is very unsatisfactory.

Digital image slide show on a conventional CRT television set
Low picture resolution
Fuzzy and dull
Stepped patterns
= Unsatisfactory result

Photo show on a TV-DVD player
Even if the DVD player has been connected to a modern, digital, full-HD TV and the image files have been saved in high resolution on DVD, the outcome is still sub-standard. This is because the DVD player reduces the digital images' resolution when transfering them to the television set.

TV photo slideshow using a TV-DVD player and a digital TV set
Low picture resolution
Fuzzy and dull
Stepped patterns
= Unsatisfactory result

How to present your digital camera's photos properly

Only a PC (e.g. notebook) in combination with full HD television allows proper presentation of your digital camera's photos while providing options such as running a slide-show program on the PC. A number of adjustment functions can be used to optimize the slide show. The show can also be dubbed and presented on your TV or home cinema system. If present, the HDMI interface should be used because it ensures ideal image and sound quality.

Combining PC - Full HD TV with the PicturePlayer Software makes perfect, sound-supported TV photo shows possible.
Establish the connection via HDMI (recommended), DVI or analog VGA (D-Sub cable).

This configuration achieves the best possible results.

PicturePlayer software versions 3.30 and higher support multi-monitor mode. The following pages describe the possibilities offered by the PicturePlayer in this context. How to connect your PC to your television set...

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