Create Photo Slideshow

Create impressive photo slideshows for CD ROM, DVD ROM, USB Stick


Configuring PicturePlayer for a TV photo slideshow

In the ShowCreator settings dialog for TV photo shows, select the "Player Window" tab:

  • 100% of full screen
  • Enable "Multiple Monitor Mode"
  • Recommended player design: "Design-8, Spartan"

Configuring a TV photo slideshow

Running a TV photo show

If, on program start, PicturePlayer detects more than one connected monitor with "Multi-Monitor Mode" in the show settings enabled, a dialog for a selecting a monitor first appears.

select multi monitor mode (dual monitor mode)
Selecting a monitor

If monitor 2 is selected, additional settings for resolution and positioning become available. To access these settings, click on "Monitor 2 Settings...".

Configuring TV monitor
Optional: {0>Auswahl der Auflösung

The resolution selected here does not influence the setting under the Display option in the Control Panel. It is meant purely as orientation for the PicturePlayer window in case the display area reserved by the graphics card does not coincide with the TV's display area. Usually, the default value under "Use Current Resolution" can be adopted.

Depending on the graphics card and selected resolution, the television settings might not concur precisely with those of the graphics card. As a result, the television will not output the entire display area (see the illustration).

The TV monitor area within the memory of the graphics adapter

This problem can be corrected by means of the PicturePlayer software. For this purpose, click on "Parameter Entry" and then on the "Settings.." button.

Configuring TV monitor

A new dialog for adjusting the X-Y positions as well as the display area's width and height then appears.

Adjusting TV monitor

Test picture for adjusting the TV monitor
Test picture for exact adjustment of the TV's display area and aspect ratio

Clicking on the "Test" button shows the test picture in the display area of Monitor 2. This permits precise adjustment of the display area. The circle serves to adjust the TV's aspect ratio.


Combining "PC" - "Full HD TV" with the PicturePlayer Software makes perfect, sound-supported TV photo shows possible. Pictures can also be furnished with text comments. The PicturePlayer software's functions for adjusting the TV display range make for a perfect photo slideshow. Present your digital camera's photos in the right style; it will amaze you as well as your spectators.
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