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How to connect your PC to your television set

  • Turn off the PC and TV
  • Connect the PC and TV by means of the HDMI, DVI or VGA cable
  • Turn on both devices
  • On the TV, select the input via which the PC is connected

Combining PC - Full HD TV with the PicturePlayer Software makes perfect, sound-supported TV photo shows possible.
Establish the connection via HDMI (recommended), DVI or analog VGA (D-Sub cable).

Using the TV as a primary monitor

  • On the PC, select "Start - Settings - Control Panel".
  • Click on "Display" in the control panel's dialog.
  • Click on the "Settings" tab."
  • Click on the "Advanced..." button.
  • Click on the "Monitor" tab."
  • Select "Standard TV" as the monitor type.
  • Important: To optimize image quality, set the screen resolution to the highest possible value.

Using the multi-monitor mode

The multi-monitor mode must be supported by the graphics card. Most modern graphics cards provide this support. One of this mode's advantages is separate and consequently optimal adjustment of the PC and TV monitors. Select this mode if it is available.

  • On the PC, select "Start - Settings - Control Panel".
  • Click on "Display" in the control panel's dialog.
  • Click on the "Settings" tab."
  • Right-click the mouse on monitor 2.
  • Activate the "Added" option.
  • Alternatively, left-click the mouse on monitor 2 and activate the checkbox "Extend Windows desktop to this monitor".

PicturePlayer software versions 3.30 and higher support multi-monitor mode. The following page describes the possibilities offered by the PicturePlayer in this context. Configuring a TV photo slideshow...

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