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Creating your own user interface with PicturePlayer Skin Compiler

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Following this guide for your first project will be big help. It will help you to achieve good results very quickly.

Create new project
  • Start Skin Compiler
  • Click on the button marked "Project Folder" in the project dialog window.
  • Create a new folder for your project
  • Click on the button marked "OK" in the project dialog window.
Copy template
  • Once you have closed the project dialog window, the following message appears:
    "Would you like to copy the template into the project folder and open it?"
  • Click on "Yes"
    A template complete with background image, all button files, volume-control bar and settings is then copied into the project folder that you have just created and opened ready for editing
Compiling and testing the template
  • Click on "Save" in the actions area and then on "Compile"
    This serves in integrating the template into the Resource DLL.
  • Click on "Test" in the actions area
    This serves in starting PicturePlayer with the user interface that you have just created

You have just created and used your first interface design.

Creating a background image
  • Start your image editing software and open the file called "bg.gif", which you will find in the project folder
  • Design your Player background image according to your needs and desires.
  • Save the image that you have changed. Do not rename it or change its format
  • Now you have to use Skin Compiler to carry out the settings you require for "canvas", "status bar" and "info window"
  • Save and test your project
Designing the control elements
  • Now follow the same procedure to load the image files for the control elements and design these according to your needs.
    Please remember that each button is made up of three image files and that each of these needs to be edited.
  • Do not change the file name or its format (.BMP)
  • Save and test your project after each control element that you have created
Positioning control elements
  • Once all the image files have been edited and designed to your satisfaction, you will need to position the control elements in accordance with your background.
  • Save and test your project

Using a resource Dll
Once you have finished designing your interface, copy the "PicturePlayerRes.Dll" file into a folder in which you have created a picture presentation with PicturePlayer and start your presentation from that folder. Please note: The folder must contain PicturePlayer version 3.0 or above.

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