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Create impressive photo slideshows for CD ROM, DVD ROM, USB Stick


Creating your own user interface with PicturePlayer Skin Compiler

The Skin Compiler makes it possible for you to create your own individual user interface for PicturePlayer.

Please note:
The Skin Compiler is only available for the full registered version of the program.

What you need:

  • You will need to have access to image editing software for creating image files (MS Paint is an application that is delivered as standard with the Windows operating system and can be used for this purpose)
  • The ability to use image editing software
  • You will need to read the entire "Skin Compiler" chapter before starting

Today, software is created so that it can be used as intuitively as possible. Unfortunately, this is not possible for this task because of its complexity. It is essential that you read through the entire Skin Compiler chapter before trying to create your first project. Do this and you will save yourself a great deal of time, frustration and annoyance, as well as acquiring the skills to create good results much quicker.

What it entails:

You will have to create the following images:

  • 1 background image
  • 11 buttons, each button requires three image files (rest, mouse-over and clicked)
  • 2 image files for the volume control
  • Read then entire chapter on the "Skin Compiler" before starting your first project

The Skin Compiler will integrate these image files into a resource-Dll called "PicturePlayerRes.Dll". Copy this Dll into the folder for your slide show. At the start of the show PicturePlayer will check whether this Dll is in the folder and, if it is, will use the resources in the Dll.

Please note:
  • Read the chapter on the "Skin Compiler" before starting your first project and save yourself a great deal of time, frustration and annoyance, as well as achieving the desired results faster.
  • Please make sure your first project is done with the help of this step-by-step tutorial.
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