Create Photo Slideshow

Create impressive photo slideshows for CD ROM, DVD ROM, USB Stick


Creating image presentations using ShowCreator & PicturePlayer

Program Settings

Before you use ShowCreator for the first time, it's a good idea to make a few program settings. To do this, select "Program Settings" from ShowCreator's menu bar.

Here you can set the size of the thumbnail images. Starting from 100 x 100 pixels, you can increase the size in 50 pixel increments up to a maximum size of 300 x 300 pixels.

Please note: Even as thumbnails, images take up a lot of memory. If your folder contains a larger number of images ( > 50), it's a good idea to select the smallest thumbnail size of 100 x 100 or, alternatively, split your pictures up into several folders.

Picture editor software
Enter your graphics program here. Having entered your editor program all you need to do is double click on any of the images in the main window and your picture editing software will start with the picture selected.

Image trash can
ShowCreator doesn't actually delete images itself. When you click on "delete image", the program simply saves the image to a special folder known as the image trash can. (This makes the decision whether or not to delete an image much easier). Then, when you're sure you don't want to change your mind, you can delete images in the trash can using Windows Explorer. You can select the folder for your image trash can using this menu item. The "Delete Image" command is only available when a valid folder has been entered here.

User settings
If you want, you can also save the settings of a given show as "Save user settings". You can then use these settings for your future shows. Here you enter the folder into which you would like these settings to be saved. If you have administration rights, you can leave the folder's presets as they are.

CD-Menu-, USB-Menu- Creator
Create professional CD-Menu-, DVD-Menu-, USB-Menu- projects. The menu creation is as easy as drag & drop.

Autorun CD-Menu
Create a professional autorun CD-Menu presentations on CD,DVD,USB

CD,USB Photo Slide Show
Create sound-supported slideshows and picture presentations for CD,DVD,USB quickly with only a few clicks of your mouse.

CD,USB Multimedia Intros
Create self-running multimedia presentations of your products, company or business activities from sound, image and text elements.