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Protecting Image Files against Unauthorized Use

Protect your valuable image files against unauthorized access or use by using the PicturePlayer Image Scrambler.

Please note: This function is only available for the Business license Edition.

The PicturePlayer Business Edition license makes it possible for you to scramble your image files. To this end, your images will only be able to be seen with the PicturePlayer. It will be impossible for anyone else to open and edit these images using graphics software. It will also be impossible to view the image files with another viewer or use the images in any other way.

The following methods are available to scramble your image files:
Simple scrambler Viewing the image files will only be possible with the PicturePlayer. Opening the image files with graphics software or in another viewer will no longer be possible.
Scrambling with a password The same characteristics as above but a password will be needed to view the images.

Creating a picture show with scrambled images.

First create a new folder for the image files using Windows Explorer.

Copy all the image files to be scrambled into this folder. The files must be of the of the following type: ".bmp", ".dib", ".gif", ".jpg", ".jpeg".

Important note: Only ever use copies of your image files and never originals.

Start the ShowCreator and select the following from the menu bar:
    "Scrambler - scramble the files in a folder..."

The Scrambler dialog window is opened:

Protect your pictures with the picture scrambler

Enter the folder containing the images to be scrambled into the field marked "Folder". Use the "Browse..." button to search for your folder.

First enter the "non-public" key. This is needed to return the files back into their original format.

If you would also like to add password protection to your images, check the box next to "Scramble using a password" and enter a password. Here the password is needed for pictures to be displayed in PicturePlayer.

Click on "Ok". The files in the folder are now scrambled. Once this process is over, a message appears telling you how many files were scrambled.

The scrambled-only files are given a new file extension "XGS", the password scambled files are given the extension "XGP". ("image.jpg" --> "image.xgs"). The file name remains unchanged.

Please note: It is possible that file names might only be differentiated by their extensions for example:

  • image.gif
  • image.bmp
  • image.jpg
If this is the case, the scrambler will make changes to the file names:
  • image.gif --> image.xgs
  • image.bmp --> image1.xgs
  • image.jpg --> image2.xgs

At the end of the process, the original image files will still exist in the folder. You will have to remove or delete these by hand.

Now start the "Picture Show Creation Assistant" and create your show in the normal way.

Please note: You will only be able to enter your password when PicturePlayer is started. This means, then, that all the pictures in a show have to be given the same password, in case you want copy images that have already been scrambled into your folder.  

Deactivating the print screen function

If you selected the "Scramble with Password Protection" option, you can also deactivate the Windows print screen function. To do this, select the following from the ShowCreator's menu bar: "Edit - Change Show Settings".

Click on the "Show Control" register item".

Check the box marked "Deactivate Print Screen Function for Password Protected Images". You will also have to copy the Dll (Dynamic Link Library) "PicPlay.dll" file from the program folder (typically: "C:\Programs\PicturePlayer") into the same folder that PicturePlayer was copied into for the show. The show cannot be started without this DLL.

Please note: If you cannot find the "PicPlay.dll" file, your Windows Explorer might be set to not display all files. To change this in Windows Explorer, select "Extras - Folder Options" in the menu bar. Click on "View" and activate the "Display all Files and Folders" function.

Unscrambling the image files and saving them in the original format

Please note: A part of your registration number is used to scramble image files to prevent them from being unscrambled by unauthorized persons. Before the unscrambling process begins, the software checks to see whether the registration number in the image file tallies with the ShowCreator's. Files can only be unscrambled when these tally. This means that if the registration data is lost (for instance if the computer crashes), you will be unable to unscramble the images. This makes following the saftey precautions already mentioned important:

  • Only use copies of your image files and never originals.
  • Print out your registration details and save them in a safe place.
  • Make a backup copy of your PicturePlayer installation pack and save it in a safe place.

Of course, the scrambled files can be viewed on all Win32 PCs with the PicturePlayer (version 1.4 and above) regardless of registration number.

To unscramble your files select the following from the ShowCreator's menu bar:
  "Scrambler - unscramble the files in a folder...".

The dialog already shown above opens. Enter the folder containing the scrambled files and, if necessary, enter the password and click on OK. The files are unscrambled and saved in their original formats.

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