Create Photo Slideshow

Create impressive photo slideshows for CD ROM, DVD ROM, USB Stick


Creating image presentations using ShowCreator & PicturePlayer

Creating an autoplay CD

A few words about the CD file system:

According to the naming convention of the CD file system, file names may be no longer than 64 characters. (path plus file name). It is essential that this restriction is taken into account when naming your files.
You should therefore avoid:

  • long file names
  • long folder names
  • empty spaces in file and folder names

Saving the project for use on a CD

If the option marked "Create a slide show for a CD" is checked, the Player "PicturePlayer.exe" will be copied out of the program folder into the show folder with the name of "PicPlay.exe". If this file was not renamed, it would not be possible to burn a ISO9660-CD. A file called "Autorun.inf" is created, linked to the Player and copied into the show folder. In addition to this, the files named "PicPlay.chm" (the Player's help file) and "PicPlay.dll" (used in conjunction with password-protected files) are copied into the show folder.

Check the option marked "Create a slide show for a CD"

Highlight all the files in the show folder ([Ctrl.] + [A]) and drag them by holding the left mouse key into the CD copying program's window. When they are in the window, release your mouse key and burn the CD.

This is how the CD should look in Windows Explorer once the CD has been burnt. The "Autorun.inf", "PicPlay.exe" and "Show.ini" files must bee located in the root directory of the CD (as in example "G:\")

CD-Menu-, USB-Menu- Creator
Create professional CD-Menu-, DVD-Menu-, USB-Menu- projects. The menu creation is as easy as drag & drop.

Autorun CD-Menu
Create a professional autorun CD-Menu presentations on CD,DVD,USB

CD,USB Photo Slide Show
Create sound-supported slideshows and picture presentations for CD,DVD,USB quickly with only a few clicks of your mouse.

CD,USB Multimedia Intros
Create self-running multimedia presentations of your products, company or business activities from sound, image and text elements.