Create Photo Slideshow

Create impressive photo slideshows for CD ROM, DVD ROM, USB Stick


Creating image presentations using ShowCreator & PicturePlayer

Creating a Photo Slideshow

Select "File - Create New Show" from the menu or click on the corresponding tool bar button. Enter the picture folder for which you would like to create a presentation and, for the time being, select "PicturePlayer - Use Presets". If you want, you can of course select "Make the Settings Manually" and define all the settings according to your needs. Once the show settings have been saved, you can start the show in the player as a presentation right away.

Please Note: It's a good idea to organize your pictures and perhaps move them into sub-folders first - you will find some tips on how to do this on our "Managing Pictures" page.

Setting the image sequence
The sequence in which your images will be shown is the same as the thumbnail sequence in the main window (from right to left and descending row to row). You can change the image sequence by clicking on a picture and dragging it with the left mouse button into the required position. (Please note: This function is only available in show mode)

Using the Assistant to create a picture presentation

The first setting window asks you whether you would like like to use PicturePlayer's setting parameter presets for the show or, alternatively, the user settings from a previous show. You can also define the setting parameters here manually if you would like.

In the "Save" window you can select or enter a file name. It's a good idea to leave the file name "Show.ini" unchanged, because PicturePlayer will look for this file in the event of a parameter-less start.

If you check the option marked "Create a slide show for a CD", an additional file with the name of "Autorun.inf" will be copied into the show folder and linked to the Player

If you check the option marked "Save as user settings", the settings will be saved under "User presets" and can be used for any future shows that you create. You will find more information about this on the following page: ShowCreator settings

Clicking on the button marked "Save changes" will save your settings. If you check the option marked "Start show when finished", the show will be started as soon as you are done.

The setting parameters

The settings for the size of the Player are set in the "Player Window" window. This can be done relative to the size of the target PC's screen or in absolute terms in pixels.

You can choose the layout for your Player on the right hand side. Here you can also define your background color.

You can also add a copyright notice to the bottom left of your image.

You can set the parameters for the way in which your show will run in the Show Control window. If you check the "Timer" option, the images will advance automatically. If not, the pictures are advanced manually on the Player.

"Deactivate print screen function": This feature prevents a screen capture being made with the help of the "print" button on the keyboard. To do this, the "PicPlay.dll" file must also be copied out of the program folder and into the show folder by hand.

"Splash screen": If you would like your show to start from a CD, it can take a few seconds before the first picture is displayed. You might want to tell your users that the show is being loaded and this is done with the help of a small splash screen window. You also have the option of replacing the splash screen information with an image file of your choice.

Please Note: When the show is started from the hard drive, it is so quick that the splash screen is hardly noticed. If you would like to cancel the splash screen feature, use the "Select image for splash screen" option and leave the image file field empty.

A text passage can be allocated to each image. This text passage can be displayed either in a text area, an external window or in a tool-tip window.

PicturePlayer version 3.1 and above enables you to choose the font of the image text. Alternatively, a font file can be saved in the show folder. When a show is started from a CD, Picture Player checks to see whether the font chosen is available on the target system. If the font is not available, PicturePlayer will register the font temporarily onto the operating system and use it for the show.

If you have activated the save font option, ShowCreator will save a file under the name of "Font-Name.NFNT" in the show's directory. This file must also be recorded on any CDs you decide to create.

Please note: Only TrueType fonts free of licensing restrictions can be saved.

A sound file can be allocated to each image; this file is started as soon as the image is displayed. In addition to this, it's also possible to define a background sound file that runs independently of the image sequence.

Loop playback for background sound
The background sound file is replayed after it has been played in full.

Pause background sound file while an image sound file is played
If you select this option, the background music is paused while the sound file allocated to an individual image is played. The background sound file is restarted as soon as a non-sound-file image is displayed.

Use this Settings window to set your image fade-over effects:

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