Create Photo Slideshow

Create impressive photo slideshows for CD ROM, DVD ROM, USB Stick


Creating image presentations using ShowCreator & PicturePlayer

The Player

The Player will run without having to be installed from the CD/DVD and may be copied onto CDs provided a license is held. For private use you only need a "Private License", for commercial or public use you will need to purchase a "Business License".

Choose between three ready-to-go Player designs: anthracite, metallic and steel-blue.

Or use a more simple design with the background color of your choice.

Screensot Gallery

All player designs and player layouts are displayed in the Screensot Gallery. »Screenshot Gallery

How PicturePlayer behaves when it's started

If it is started with command line parameters, PicturePlayer will carry out the actions specified in these parameters. Otherwise, PicturePlayer will look for the "Show.ini" file in the same folder and, if found, will start the show according to its settings. If it does not find a "Show.ini" file, all the images in this folder will be outputted as a picture show. Important: The non-registered version of the software restricts the number of permitted pictures per show to 20.

Distribution of PicturePlayer

Registered users are also permitted to distribute PicturePlayer on CD ROMs. The show definition file (*.ini) contains registration information as well as the settings for the show. This means, then, that it is essential to create a show file using the ShowCreator for every show. Otherwise, PicturePlayer will operate like the unregistered version.
You will find details about licenses and registration on the following page: Licensing

The Text-Info window

Any text that you enter into the "Image Information" dialog window, which you will find under "Edit - Edit Show", will be displayed in the Text-Info window. (Image Information) The text-info-passage window is opened and closed in the following way:

  • By left clicking on the image with your mouse
  • By selecting "Display Image Info" from the pop-up menu (right click with the mouse).
  • By clicking on the button marked "i" from the control buttons at the bottom right of the window.
You can drag the info window with the mouse into any position you want, as well as being able to enlarge or reduce it to any size.

PicturePlayer with opened info window

Resize info window

Move info window
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