Create Photo Slideshow

Create impressive photo slideshows for CD ROM, DVD ROM, USB Stick


Creating image presentations using ShowCreator & PicturePlayer

Image Text

A text passage can be allocated to each image. This text passage can be displayed either in a text area, an external window or in a tool-tip window.

The image text is displayed in a fixed text area for layouts 2 / 3.

Clicking on the i button opens and displays the image text in an external window. Users can alter the size of this window and position it wherever they want on the screen.

                    Presentation of the image text in an external window.

You can set the properties for the external text window by going to the show settings and selecting "Infotext-Window". Settings...
The background colour is the same as the Player's background colour. See the "Player background colour" button..."

PicturePlayer version 3.1 and above enables you to choose the font of the image text. Alternatively, a font file can be saved in the show folder. When a show is started from a CD, Picture Player checks to see whether the font chosen is available on the target system. If the font is not available, PicturePlayer will register the font temporarily onto the operating system and use it for the show.

If you have activated the save font option, ShowCreator will save a file under the name of "Font-Name.NFNT" in the show's directory. This file must also be recorded on any CDs you decide to create.

Please note: Only TrueType fonts free of licensing restrictions can be saved.

Please see "Player Layouts" for more details: click here...

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