Create Photo Slideshow

Create impressive photo slideshows for CD ROM, DVD ROM, USB Stick


Create image presentations using ShowCreator & PicturePlayer

You are free to choose from any of the following interface designs

Design 1: Player with round buttons (new in Version 3)

PicturePlayer with round buttons zoom

Design 2: Player in Win2000 Media Player Style (new in Version 3)

PicturePlayer in Media Player Style zoom

Design 3: Player with light-colored background (new in Version 3)

PicturePlayer with light-colored background zoom

Design 4: Player with 3D anthracite border

PicturePlayer with 3D anthracite border zoom

Design 5: Player with 3D metallic border

PicturePlayer with 3D metallic border zoom

Design 6: Player with 3D steel-blue border

PicturePlayer with 3D steel-blue border zoom

Design 7: Simple design without border (new in version 3)

PicturePlayer with Simple design without border zoom

Design 8: Spartan design (new in version 3)

PicturePlayer with spartan design zoom

Only four transparent buttons are available for this design: "Back", "Stop" and "Next" for controlling the show; the fourth button opens a control bar containing all the other buttons. This will close automatically 5 seconds after it has been used, but it can be fixed as an option. The control bar can be freely positioned in any screen position.

Create your own individual design (new in version 3)

The Skin Compiler, which was introduced with the registered full version of version 3, makes it possible for you to create your own individual user interface for PicturePlayer. Given that you can design your own Player background and control elements, you are free to create any design you want for your Player.
» Skin-Compiler

Player layouts

You can choose from 3 layouts for Player designs 1 - 7:

  • Layout 1: No separate area for outputting the image texts. It is possible, however, to open an external text window that can be freely positioned using the i-button.
  • Layout 2: Text area underneath the image
  • Layout 3: Text area left of the image

PicturePlayer Layout-1 Layout-1 PicturePlayer Layout-2 Layout-2 PicturePlayer Layout-3 Layout-3

CD-Menu-, USB-Menu- Creator
Create professional CD-Menu-, DVD-Menu-, USB-Menu- projects. The menu creation is as easy as drag & drop.

Autorun CD-Menu
Create a professional autorun CD-Menu presentations on CD,DVD,USB

CD,USB Photo Slide Show
Create sound-supported slideshows and picture presentations for CD,DVD,USB quickly with only a few clicks of your mouse.

CD,USB Multimedia Intros
Create self-running multimedia presentations of your products, company or business activities from sound, image and text elements.