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For current registered PicturePlayer users

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Please Note:
Version 3 of the software cannot be released using a unlock code belonging to versions 1 or 2.

PicturePlayer Smart Review

The editors called PicturePlayer "the best among the like". You can read the full review here:
PicturePlayer Smart Review Software Directory - go to 3d2f Software Directory

Information about download problems

All the files that we offer for downloading are checked for viruses with an up-to-date scanner before being uploaded to the server. We then carry out a trial download and check again to make sure that they are free of viruses, that they are complete and that they can be installed without problem. (Please read the note about this at the end of the page)

  If the installation program on your PC is showing errors or causing other problems after being downloaded, this is usually caused by an incomplete or interrupted download. This problem is caused by poor and/or slow internet connections, by server overloads or by too many applications running at the same time on the PC. The larger the file to download, the greater the danger of an interruption occurring.

Steps to take if you're having trouble:

  • Close all time-intensive applications on your PC.
  • Refrain from carrying out multiple downloads at the same time - this includes e-mail downloads.
  • Refrain from surfing the web in another browser window while the download is taking place.
  • Or: Use a download manager (s.b.)

Download manager - a reliable and convenient solution

Installing a download manager is a good idea. These programs have been designed to make sure that downloads are carried out correctly, completely and without errors.

You will find a good download manager at Leechget:

The Leechget download manager is free-of-charge for private users, reliable and easy to use.

If you are still experiencing difficulties despite using a download manager, the problem is probably being caused by a fragment in the internet provider's cache. Please let us know by sending us a brief e-mail message and we'll send you an alternative download link by return.

Please note

None of our programs contain advertising messages, banners, pests, add ware or spy ware.
With one exception: The unregistered versions (and these only) contain a reference to the program's website and an unregistered status message.

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